60+ Podcast Submission Sites To Proliferate Your Business Audience

Podcast Submission Sites

The word “Podcasting” has gained a lot of popularity and has been doing around in the market for nearly a decade now. People are using this word outright to present their tech-gig self among their followers and friends. But, do you know what this word stands for?

Podcasting can be described as the preparation and distribution of audio or video files with the use of RSS. It is distributed to the the subscribed users who can easily download it to their computer or mobile device. It usually is distributed in episodic format and supported by many portable media players. Virtually it is possible for anyone to create and distribute their thoughts, opinions or ideas in the form of the podcast and distribute it to the world. It requires the minimalistic equipment to record the podcast and internet for its distribution.

Increasing Use Of Podcasts In Businesses:

With the changing times, the implementation of various products and technology in business has increased tremendously and entrepreneurs are looking for various ways for surviving the high-tides of competition from the market.

Podcasts have emerged as a powerful marketing tool and are being used tremendously by businesses to improve their prospects. It has emerged as a significant alternative to video and has become an all-time favorite for the small businesses, who are not equipped with necessary equipment and financial strength to shoot, edit and prepare a video for their marketing.

Reaching out to new audiences and generating excellent traffic has become possible for your business with the use of podcasts. Making it interesting for the listeners is the key here. Besides the several other benefits, podcasts are easy to create and do not involve a lot of steps, which has catered to its extreme popularity.

What Are The Benefits Of Podcast Submission?

Sharing information and being active in front of the audience and target market is one of the basic needs of every business. Incorporating podcast submission into your content marketing plan offers numerous benefits to your business.

  • Creating An Authoritative Presence: A podcast is a wonderful way for sharing a business to share its expertise with others. It creates an air of authority and enhances the engagement of the audiences, which the written word often lacks to create. Regular podcast submission with accurate information and reliable ideas help your business to establish an authority in the industry.
  • Establishing A Connection With An Audience: When audiences get to hear the voice of the presenter, it creates a stronger connection with them. They gradually tend to identify and recognize your voice and presentation style that makes you familiar with them. Podcast submission is often considered as a personal way to reach out to new potential customers. It also provides your audience, the flexibility to listen to the podcasts according to their own desire, which again is a major factor in establishing your connection with the audience.
  • Generating Brand Awareness: The familiarity and consistency of podcast submission play a significant role in developing your company’s brand awareness. It helps in creating your brand a household name among your target audience and also helps in increasing traffic generation for their business. Its uniformity and reliability develop your business’ impression over the mind of your customers and prospects.
  • Time-Efficient Form Of Communication: For every business that finds it difficult to maintain regular communication with their audiences or target, podcasts have emerged as a wonderful boon. It is a time-efficient form of communication and helps in improving the productivity of a business while saving your time and money.

How To Promote Your Podcast?

While the popularity of podcasts is expanding, it is a smart choice for you to use them as an effective promotional technique for your business. However, you need to make sure that you promote your podcasts on popular platforms, to increase its reach and to cater to your expectations. Thus, taking extra time to promote your podcasts can be worth spending every minute. The promotions help you to grow your audience steadily. Let’s take a look at the different ways to promote your podcast:

  • Share A Link on Social Media Profiles: Social media is a wonderful platform for gaining instant promotion for your podcast. Sharing a link or including the link of your podcast on various social networking sites, including Google+, Pinterest, Facebook etc will give your podcast the perfect exposure required and thus will reap brilliant results for your business.
  • Form Partnership With Other Podcasters: Cross-promotion is the key here. Prepare a list of podcasters who are doing well in the market and develop a partnership with them to promote one another’s episode. This may help you to add new listeners to your list.
  • Have A Video Version Of Your Podcasts: It is known to all that video has a greater impact on human mind than audio or writing. So, use this medium and promote your podcast by creating a video version of the same. This instantly creates a buzz around your podcast and plays a wonderful role in your promotion.
  • Promote Podcasts Via Email Newsletter: Promoting podcasts to people, who have subscribed to your business, is a great way to feed them with relevant content that they are ready to consume. This technique serves as an effective way for them to enhance the reach of your podcasts and to attract the audience to your business.
  • Include It On Your Blog: You can use a clip of your podcast in your blog or create a separate blog-post for each episode of the podcast. This boosts the life of your podcast by giving you the liberty to re-purpose it in the form of blog-post. It is a great move that attracts your blog readers towards the podcasts and even captivates the attention of the potential audience.
  • Submit To Podcast Directories: Podcast directories have numerous audiences from all around the world, who are looking for quality and interesting podcasts. Submitting your podcasts to these directories ensure that you are opening doors for excellent exposure of your business to relevant audience and traffic.

List Of Podcast Submission Sites To Submit Your Podcasts

Here is the list of top podcast submission sites that you must save for future references.

Serial NumberPodcast Submission Sites NameSubmit Your Podcast
1Google PlaySubmit to Google Play
2Apple (iTunes) Submit to iTunes
3TuneInSubmit to TuneIn
4StitcherSubmit to Stitcher
5CastBoxSubmit to CastBox
6SpotifySubmit to Spotify
7SoundCloudSubmit to SoundCloud
8AlltopSubmit to Alltop
9Pocket CastsSubmit to PocketCasts
10BlubrrySubmit to Blubrry
11acastSubmit to acast
12Podcasts In ColorSubmit to PodCastsInColor
13Audio-Podcast.fmSubmit to Audio-Podcast.fm
14AudioBoomSubmit to AudioBoom
15Digital PodcastSubmit to Digital Podcast
16GigaDialSubmit to GigaDial
17iPodderSubmit to iPodder
18LearnOutLoud.comSubmit to LearnOutLoud.com
19podCast111Submit to podCast411
20PodBeanSubmit to PodBean
21Podcast PickleSubmit to Podcast Pickle
22mirPodSubmit to mirPod
23SpreakerSubmit to Spreaker
24Women in PodcastingSubmit to Women in Podcasting
25Podcastpedia.orgSubmit to Podcastpedia.org
26crowdCasterSubmit to crowdCaster
27DoggCatcherSubmit to DoggCatcher
28ivooxSubmit to ivoox
29OzPodcastsSubmit to OzPodcasts
30Player FMSubmit to Player FM
31PodcastPUPSubmit to PodcastPUP
32PodCastdirectory.comSubmit to PodCastdirectory.com
33Podcast.tvSubmit to Podcast.tv
34Podcast BlasterSubmit to Podcast Blaster
35PodkickerSubmit to Podkicker
36The Podcast Source AppSubmit to The Podcast Source App
37UK PodcastersSubmit to UK Podcasters
38SoFloWebFestSubmit to SoFloWebFest
39Listen NotesSubmit to Listen Notes
40Podcast PortSubmit to Podcast Port
41CEPI MediaSubmit to CEPI Media
42The Podcast PeriodicalSubmit to The Podcast Periodical
43Portal to the UniverseSubmit to Portal to the Universe
44Programming PodcastsSubmit to Programming Podcasts
45Dogma PromotionSubmit to Dogma
46Creaky StudiosSubmit to Creaky Studios
47GoodpodsSubmit to GodPods
48Podcast PlugSubmit to Podcast Plug
49SciFi Diner PodcastSubmit to SciFi Diner
50iHeartRadioSubmit to iHeartRadio
51fyydSubmit to fyyd
52RadioPublicSubmit to RadioPublic
53AudiologueSubmit to Audiologue
54African PodcastsSubmit to African Podcasts
55Urbansunsets.comSubmit to Urbansunsets.com
56RPG CastsSubmit to RPG Casts
57Specialty Produce NetworkSubmit to Specialty Produce Network
58PitchPodSubmit to PitchPod
59podkeepSubmit to podkeep
60NorcalPodcastsSubmit to NorcalPodcasts
61Nashville PodcastersSubmit to Nashville Podcasters

Submitting your podcasts to the above mentioned directories can help in enhancing its popularity by making it available and reachable to many people. These platforms already have a large number of people visiting regularly for consuming podcasts, thus when they come across your podcast on these platforms, increases the scope of its promotion brilliantly.

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