Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization Techniques are used to enhance the visibility of a website on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Internet users do not click through the pages of SERP’s generally. Most users click or visit only those websites which can be visible on the first page of the SERP ‘s. So the goal of SEO is to make an online site appear in the top ten results of search engines, to be more specific in the top 3 search results. In doing so this will escort more and more quality traffic towards the web site. The higher a webpage secures rank in the SERP, the higher the probabilities a customer will visit it.

An excellent Search Engine Optimization strategy contains carefully picked keywords which are created prominent for various search engine algorithms through generally two techniques: One is OFF Page and the other is ON Page SEO. Off page handles the promotional methods. It optimizes your website by acquiring quality back links to it. These back links hook up your site to other relevant websites using different promotional techniques such as guest blogging, publishing reviews, photo sharing, local listing, social bookmarking, document sharing, forum submission, blog directory submission, RSS feed submission, video sharing, infographics submission and creation of press releases. On page refers to mainly optimizing the original website elements such as content optimization, image optimization by adding proper title and alt tags, optimization of URL structures, adding proper header tags (H1, H2, H3 etc.), meta tags, canonicalization tags, internal linking, W3C validation, structured data optimization, breadcrumb optimization, implementation of open graph tags etc.

Another aspect of SEO you might have heard of is that of ‘White Head Technique’ and ‘Black Hat Technique’. Though both types of SEO techniques have their own attributes, a lot of the business organizations with steady and long-term goals want to go with White Hat Search Engine Optimization process. White Hat utilizes solutions to improve the visibility of a website which don’t run contrary to the quality guidelines of search engines as the other does. Some Black Hat search engine optimization techniques that are used by black hatters are parasite hosting, google bombing, cloaking, creation of doorway pages, link farming etc.

White Hat SEO gives stable, long-term and steady results by proper ethical utilization of On page & Off page methods, while Black Hat offers complete opposite results by providing unforeseeable, quick and short-term growth.

Nowadays, some business organizations works with a different kind of SEO technique, called Gray Hat SEO. This technique is recognizable by its cheap pricing and the utilization of controversial methods to be able to achieve fast results rather than long-term and ethical search engine optimization campaigns. In other words, Gray Hat SEO uses the methods which neither goes with Black Hat nor follows the way of White Hat. Some Grey Hat techniques commonly used by Grey Hatters are squatting, link buying, social media automation, fabricate news, keyword association manipulation, link chaining etc.

A couple of people promises fast results by utilizing their Search Engine Optimization Techniques but it’s worthy of noting that there‚Äôs surely no shortcut to SEO. If done ethically, it might not give immediate results. It can take some time to achieve your desired result because there are thousands of websites to compete and manage. However, the rank gained following the quality and ethical search engine guidelines offers long-term stability and acquires golden results that are proved to be beneficial for your business and profit.

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