500+ Press Release Submission Sites For Positive Business Promotion

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Press Release as the name suggests is about releasing something newsworthy for your audience. This concept is used for sharing the newsworthy content about your business with your online audience for SEO purpose. It complements your existing SEO strategy, which includes your social presence, blogging, and other content marketing techniques.

Press release submission is a perfect way to promote your company and increase your online visibility. It is a great way to boost your search engine optimization by creating awareness about the latest news of your business or the latest techniques that you are using to accomplish projects efficiently. It plays an integral role in enhancing your online reputation.

Benefits Of Press Release Submission In SEO

Press release has emerged as a versatile way of promoting businesses in today’s virtual age. Starting from the announcement of a new product launch to the latest acquisition of your company, you can share any news with its help and share it with the online masses, for your business promotion. Let’s take a look at the various benefits of PR submission:

  • Increases Visibility & Trust: The more people get to read about your company, the more they get to know you and the more they feel connected to you. Through the help of press release submission, people get to understand the purpose and objectives of your business, your latest moves or evolvement or your new achievements. Anything and everything under the sun which seems to be worth publicizing about your business should be shared in the form of press release. This increases the visibility of your business and also enhances trust among your audience.
  • Online Reputation Management: Marketers do agree that PR plays a vital role in online reputation management for a business. Optimizing your press releases and leveraging it for SEO purposes help you to gain positive reputation and earn a good position at the SERPs.
  • Become An Industry-Expert: If your business is excelling in one particular field, then it is definitely a news worth sharing with your online audience. Even if you are an expert at something and can share detailed information about a specific topic with your audience, PR submission comes as a boon. It can instantly increase your viewer’s trust and rapport and increases their prospect of engagement with you.
  • Cost-Effective: Press release submission is a cost-effective measure to increase traffic to your website, maximize your SEO efforts and to spread a word about your brand virally and instantly.
  • Building Backlinks: This technique can also be used for building high-quality backlinks to your site. Many PR sites links to your company website when they publish any news about your business. Now earning high quality backlinks for your website helps to stand out of your competitors in search engine ranking.

Top Press Release Submission Sites List To Submit Your News

Below is the list of 500+ top PR submission sites that you can always use for the distribution of any latest news which you want to spread among your customers or prospective audience:


  • Deepanshu Nasa

    You can add one more to the list i.e indiaprnewswire.com. The website provides good coverage and immediate results.

  • Rajesh Deepak

    Very good collection of sites for press release submission. These are very beneficial for making the good quality backlinks for my site. Thanks.

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    Thanks for sharing this amazing list of Press release submission sites. These sites help websites to rank higher in search engines. Also, some of these sites give do follow backlinks.

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